Revisiting Strassmann et al. 2000

 In a paper published in Nature in 2000, Joan Strassmann, Yong Zhu and David Queller showed, using a mixing experiment and analysing microsatellite markers, that different clones of Dictyostelium discoideum from a field population readily form multi-clonal slugs and that approximately half of these slugs are "not fair", i.e. one clone produces more spore cells and … Continue reading Revisiting Strassmann et al. 2000


Revisiting Jones et al. 1994

In a paper published in the journal Oikos in 1994, Clive Jones, John Lawton and Moshe Shachak introduced the term "Ecosystem Engineer" into the ecological lexicon and laid out a research agenda to explore, identify and quantify ecosystem engineering carried out by living organisms. Twenty-two years after the paper was published, I spoke to Clive … Continue reading Revisiting Jones et al. 1994

Revisiting Simberloff and Wilson 1969

In a paper published in Ecology in 1969, Daniel Simberloff and E.O. Wilson reported the findings of a "defaunation experiment" they conducted on mangrove islands in the Florida Keys, to test the Theory of Island Biogeography proposed by Robert MacArthur and E.O. Wilson. In addition to this paper, Simberloff and Wilson published two other papers … Continue reading Revisiting Simberloff and Wilson 1969

Revisiting Pimm et al. 1988

In a paper published in The American Naturalist in 1988, Stuart Pimm, Lee Jones and Jared Diamond explored existing mathematical models and developed theoretical predictions about how risk of extinction would vary between species. Pimm and colleagues then put these predictions to test using a database of annual breeding censuses of birds carried out by … Continue reading Revisiting Pimm et al. 1988