Revisiting Huey and Bennett 1987

In a paper published in Evolution in 1987, Raymond Huey and Albert Bennett presented the results of their comparative analysis of temperature preferences and temperature dependence of running speeds in Australian lygosomid skinks. By chasing lizards down racing tracks at different temperatures, Hue and Bennett showed that coadaptation between thermal preference and thermal dependence of … Continue reading Revisiting Huey and Bennett 1987


Revisiting Kempenaers et al. 1992

In a study published in Nature in 1992, Bart Kempenaers, Geert R. Verheyen, Marleen Van den Broeck, Terry Burke, Christine Van Broeckhoven and Andr√© Dhondt showed that female blue tits choose higher-quality males for extra-pair copulations (EPC), providing evidence in support of the genetic quality hypothesis for extra-pair matings. Twenty-five years after the paper was … Continue reading Revisiting Kempenaers et al. 1992

Revisiting Ehrlich and Raven 1964

In 1964, Paul Ehrlich and Peter Raven published a paper in Evolution that reported the findings of their literature survey of larval food plants of butterflies. Based on the patterns they found, they hypothesized that caterpillar-host plant relationships result from "coevolution", and that the secondary chemicals produced by plants,¬† which till then were thought to … Continue reading Revisiting Ehrlich and Raven 1964