Revisiting Lively 1986

In a paper published in Evolution in 1986, Curt Lively presented the results of his field experiments to understand shell dimorphism in acorn barnacles. Lively showed that the morphology of the atypical form is a developmental response that is induced by predation by a carnivorous gastropod. Thirty-one years after the paper was published I asked … Continue reading Revisiting Lively 1986

Revisiting Herrera et al. 1994

In a paper published in Ecological Monographs in 1994, Carlos Herrera, Pedro Jordano, Luis Lopez-Soria and Juan Amat used a combination of observational and experimental approaches to describe the seed dispersal cycle (frugivory to recruitment) of Phillyrea latifolia, a bird-dispersed mast-fruiting tree. Twenty-three years after the paper was published, I asked Carlos Herrera about his … Continue reading Revisiting Herrera et al. 1994