Revisiting Strassmann et al. 2000

¬†In a paper published in Nature in 2000, Joan Strassmann, Yong Zhu and David Queller showed, using a mixing experiment and analysing microsatellite markers, that different clones of Dictyostelium discoideum¬†from a field population readily form multi-clonal slugs and that approximately half of these slugs are "not fair", i.e. one clone produces more spore cells and … Continue reading Revisiting Strassmann et al. 2000

Revisiting Jones et al. 1994

In a paper published in the journal Oikos in 1994, Clive Jones, John Lawton and Moshe Shachak introduced the term "Ecosystem Engineer" into the ecological lexicon and laid out a research agenda to explore, identify and quantify ecosystem engineering carried out by living organisms. Twenty-two years after the paper was published, I spoke to Clive … Continue reading Revisiting Jones et al. 1994