Revisiting Rosenzweig 1973

In a paper published in Ecology in 1973, Michael Rosenzweig presented the results on one of the first habitat selection experiments in the field. Rosenzweig's results indicated that differences in habitat preferences allow a pair of desert rodents to coexist. Forty-three years after the paper was published, I asked Michael Rosenzweig about his motivation to … Continue reading Revisiting Rosenzweig 1973

Revisiting Vellend 2010

In a paper published in The Quarterly Review of Biology in 2010, Mark Vellend proposed a new conceptual framework for Community Ecology, drawing inspiration from Population Genetics. Vellend proposed that, like in the case of genetic variation in populations, biological communities too can be thought of being governed by four main higher-level processes - selection, … Continue reading Revisiting Vellend 2010