Revisiting Duffy & Hay 2000

In a paper published in Ecological Monographs in 2000, Emmett Duffy and Mark Hay demonstrated, using outdoor mesocosm experiments and feeding assays, strong impacts of both fish and amphipods on a benthic community, but found the effects of amphipods were stronger when normalized for biomass. This study was particularly important because, at a time when … Continue reading Revisiting Duffy & Hay 2000

Revisiting Couzin et al. 2005

In a paper published in Nature in 2005, Iain Couzin, Jens Krause, Nigel Franks and Simon Levin modelled how information can pass between members of groups without signalling, and when members don't know which, if any, of the other members have information. Couzin and colleagues showed that a very small proportion of informed individuals can … Continue reading Revisiting Couzin et al. 2005

Revisiting Davies & Brooke 1988

In a paper published in Animal Behaviour in 1988, Nick Davies and Michael Brooke unraveled, using a mix of natural history observation and clever experiments, the nature of the interaction between the brood-parasitic common cuckoo and its host the reed warbler. Their experiments showed that many facets of the cuckoo's behaviour are likely to have … Continue reading Revisiting Davies & Brooke 1988