Revisiting Avise et al. 1987

In a paper published in the Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics in 1987, John Avise, Jonathan Arnold, Martin Ball, Eldredge Bermingham, Trip Lamb, Joseph Neigel, Carol. A. Reeb and Nancy C. Saunders highlighted the value of mitochondrial DNA in bringing phylogenetic thinking into population genetic studies, and laid the foundation for the birth of … Continue reading Revisiting Avise et al. 1987

Revisiting Wilson 1975

In a paper published in PNAS in 1975, David Sloan Wilson showed that group selection can evolve in a population if it is made up of clusters of individuals that regularly interact (e.g. predation, mating, competition), and the clusters are connected through dispersal. The strength of group selection, he showed, depended on the variation in … Continue reading Revisiting Wilson 1975